Collapsible parking car lift system

Jan 17, 2020 | Offtopic

At MOVEit, we offer comprehensive services of designing, manufacturing and installation of custom made car lift systems. We make every effort to make sure that our products always meet customer’s requirements. Quality components and experienced engineers help us create durable lifting systems. Below, you can check a quick breakdown, why you should consider parking system in your basement.

Reasons to install car lift system in your home.

One of the most important benefits of a car lift system is that it is a space-saving solution. You can place one car on top of the other thus drastically increase storage space in your garage. Instead of pulling one car out in order to access the other, you can simply press the button and choose the one you need. It’s also very useful when your local construction restrictions, simply doesn’t allow you to have bigger garage. You can arrange your surroundings in any way you see fit without worrying that the garage will ruin your design ideas.

Another good reason to consider car lift system is safety of your car. You certainly don’t want to worry about your valuable vehicle safety while enjoying your time at home. Our solution is practically ruling out any acts of vandalism or theft. Besides the risk of stealing, weather is another factor that poses certain risks to your car. Leaving your vehicle outside all year long will drastically reduce its lifespan. Rusty undercarriage, scraping your windshield or hard time starting the engine. These are just some of the issues that may arise.

Sometimes, people are forced to leave their cars in the streets. That comes with a risk of traffic violations or simply is dangerous for other drivers. Temporary solution might be a public storage locker. Good in certain cases but not feasible in the long run due to high rental costs.

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