House Boat – floating home on the water.

House containers offers great mobility. You can place the container in almost any location. Houseboat goes well beyond that. Now you can cross the lake without even leaving your comfortable room. Steer your home and enjoy the changing view. Floats are made in way to ensure maximum stability and safety.

Tested to ensure safety.

Certified floats along with the solid structure under the container ensures absolute safety and makes sinking practically impossible.


Take control of your course.

You are always in control of your houseboat’s heading. Thanks to the build-in rudder and engine, you can steer your floating apartment into any location you choose to.

Make the most out of your houseboat.

Many possible configurations and options gives you the opportunity to customize your house to perfectly match your needs.


Modern style.

Wooden décor elements gives an exceptional look to your house boat. Classic rectangular shape gives plenty of space to arrange inside.


Wooden boards.

Your floating house covered in wood perfectly blends in with the beautiful surroundings.



Our houseboats are available in three different colors. Wooden boards are available in gray wood color. Modern style comes in gray or white color scheme.

Are you interested? We’re taking orders for 2020 year!

Would like to know more details about our offer. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Our sales manager will answer all of them.


Natalia Marczewska
Sales manager

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