House Container – modern adaptation of sea containers.

Standard shipping containers comes as a great material to build a home. House Container is a convenient solution with excellent value for money. It is available in various configurations.


Transport your home wherever you like.

Have you ever thought about living somewhere else but you didn’t want to leave your house? It is no longer a problem. Now you can take your home with you. No matter where you go, shipping container home will follow your way!


The modular construction offers many possibilities.

We offer many possibilities for our customers to arrange their homes. They can choose among many available options and designs.


Modern design that will make you stand out.

Sea container homes are not only affordable and durable but also good looking. It is a solution that gives an exceptional look for just a fraction of a cost of a standard house.

Made on branded components.

We can pack your home with the latest technologies available. PV’s on the roof will provide the power necessary for the purpose of making your home fully sustainable. We only work on quality components.


Choose the style of finish.

We can arrange the exterior of your container house in the two different ways. Below you can check out available options.


Wooden boards style.

Classic wooden exterior will turn your house into a truly unique construction. Beautiful finishes will give it a natural look that will stand out in the neighborhood.


Modern style.

Metal finishes gives an unique look to the exterior of your home. Décor elements made of steel are subject to change and customization according to your own ideas.

Examples of using the modular construction.

Below you can explore some of the possible configurations of the containers. Whether you looking for something simple or rather some unusual looking container house, you will find what you need in our offer.

House Container interial design.

In terms of the internal design, we offer numerous configurations to fit our customers needs. We can offer you ready configurations but there’s always a room to change.

Make House Boat by floating platform.

Because of the container based design, we can easily turn your home into a floating platform. Enjoy the changing view from the windows of your house.

Are you interested? We’re taking orders for 2020 year!

Do you think that offer might be suitable for you? Are you considering moving to the container house? Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Our experts will gladly answer all the questions you might have.


Natalia Marczewska
Sales manager

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