Space-saving underground car lift system.

No matter if its local regulations or simply property limits, sometimes there’s little to no room left for your garage. Don’t leave your car to wear and tear in bad weather all year long. Placing the garage underground might be a good solution. Our garages with scissor lift systems works quickly, reliably and can lift two vehicles at once.

Safety for your car.

We design our products in a way to ensure absolute safety of your car. Keep your vehicle safely out of sight.

Reliable car lift systems.

We are working hard to ensure maximum reliability of our lifts. Backup ascending system is available with each garage.

Tested under different conditions.

You can use our car lift garage in various climate conditions. Frost or rain – we prepared your garage for all.

Expand your parking space.

Better utilize area around your house. Make the most out of available space. Underground garage will not only save space but also provide great protection for your car. Thanks to the optional remote controller, you can ascend the car before even leaving your house.

Custom made car lift system.

In our offer you can find custom made car lift systems that are specifically tailored to your needs. Bespoke products that are always crafted to perfectly fit inside of your garage.

Underground garage in container.

You can also order ready solution installed inside of a custom made container. That product comes in standard dimensions. We can ship it is as a standard shipping container.

Underground garage order process.

Underground garages comes as a fully finished product. Ready to use right from the start. It’s possible to arrange a product presentation so you’ll get to know your product. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire order process. They will help you choose the best solution.

Container based garage.

Container garage is perfect when you want to place your garage somewhere in backyard or under your driveway.
Ready solution that can be installed right after delivery.

Prepare the ground for the container.

Before you even start, it is necessary to determine project feasibility as well as compliance with local construction standards. The installation process begins with site preparation and excavation work. It is necessary to place concrete pads under the container.

Place the container underground.

In the next step you need to carefully place the container underground. Adjust it to make sure that it’s resting in proper position. After successful installation, garage needs to be buried underground.

Finishing works of a container garage.

Final works include things like sowing grass or paving stones. It’s totally up to you how you’ll arrange garage’s surroundings.

Car lift order process.

We approach each client individually. Every project is always thoroughly discussed with our customers. This approach helps us to deliver the highest quality products.

Project arrangements.

We are always determining every technical detail before bringing your idea to life. Our experienced team will always propose the best solution available for your needs.

Design phase.

We design our products from scratch. Each car lift system is tailored to your specific requirements.

Car lift manufacturing.

Our products are manufactured in our own warehouse in Poland. Extensive testing and quality checks make sure that it will perfectly fit inside of your underground garage.

Delivery or installation.

We ship our products worldwide. Installation is also possible in many areas around the world. Contact our sales manager for more details.


Will my car be affected by heavy rainfalls?

No, special custom made container is fully waterproof in order to keep your car dry. In case of emergency, efficient pump will quickly get rid of water.

How does the container is protected from caving in?

Steel frames around the container protects it from caving in.

Will I be able to retrieve my car during power shortage?

Yes, thanks to the emergency ascending system you will always be able to access your car.

Are you interested?

Would like to learn more about our underground garages? Feel free to ask any questions. Our sales manager will be happy to answer all of them.

Natalia Marczewska
Sales manager

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